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How long are the meetings?
Your meetings will be between 10 minutes – 15 minutes. You will be surprised how even 10 minutes can be enough time to meet and assess a supplier and discover various innovations and progressions, then agree a second meeting if applicable.

Can I bring a colleague?
We encourage you to do so and there is no additional charge for their catering. Meet the Buyers are intensive and promise a highly productive day where you will meet many new people - so bringing a colleague will mean less pressure on yourself.

How much do Meet the Buyers cost for buyers?
Our events are designed for purchasing professionals and offer a tailored service at no cost to yourself or your company. The suppliers however are charged to come to the event so this is one of the reasons why it is so important to ensure you are fully committed to attending the event once you return your confirmation form.

How many suppliers will I meet on the day?
Usually between 30-35 depending on how specific your purchasing requirements are.

What size/type of organisation will I meet?
Please be as clear as possible on your confirmation forms about what kinds of suppliers you wish to meet – if suppliers need to be able to supply nationally, be ISO recognised etc.. please make this clear – we are as good as the purchasing requirements/needs that you give us.

Should I bring sample products/literature to show the suppliers?
Yes, this is a good idea (but not essential) as it will help focus the suppliers and give them a better idea of what they may need to produce. The table on your stand will be between 4-6 foot long and the walls of your stand are velcro compatible (we also provide velcro) so you can afix posters etc.. to your stand.

Is lunch included?
Lunch and complimentary refreshments will be included – just ask an organiser if you need anything brought to your buying booth!

When should I arrive?
At least 30 minutes before the start of the event – your project manager will advise you. Please ensure you can stay the whole day as suppliers have paid to meet you.

When do I find out what suppliers I will meet?
You will see your appointment diary on your stand when you arrive. We will also give you full list of all attending suppliers complete with contact details and business description so you can request to meet them or contact them after the event if you wish.

Why do I need to nominate a deputy in my place?
We work very hard to ensure you have a productive day and spend money marketing to potential suppliers to come and meet you on the day. This combined with the fact that suppliers pay to meet you, means that your attendance is essential on the day. We understand that at times, situations beyond our control occur – therefore if this is the case, your deputy can attend in your place.